Half Tilt

Created by TrollTrader

Smash opposing jousting halflings from their ponies in this tabletop miniature game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We ship this month!
19 days ago – Fri, May 03, 2024 at 05:21:51 AM

Hey all

Exciting times as the rulebook turned up this week!

Oh the box came too!

We are just waiting on the cards to arrive.

Meanwhile in house we've been making lots of moulds

to make lots and lots of crowd miniatures

and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of knights

All on schedule to ship this month. Will be back in a couple of weeks time with another update :)

Progress update
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2024 at 04:00:33 PM

Hey all

The crowd are all printed and I think all are now in full production. We made some tweaks to some of the knights which then needed painting for their character cards. This is completed and all the cards have been sent to print! The box has gone to print and so have the rules. Everything is currently very much on schedule for posting next month :)

Back in a couple of weeks with more!

Headed to Salute!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Apr 05, 2024 at 03:42:40 PM

Hey all

Just a quick update as we prepare for Salute. We're headed to London next weekend and if any of you are there stop by our booth and say hi :)

Everything still going well for us to ship next month. Will have a bigger update in two weeks time with some pictures of the crowd miniatures etc

Back soon!

Lockdown looms!
2 months ago – Fri, Mar 22, 2024 at 10:16:58 AM

Hey everyone

A quick reminder that lockdown is at the end of the month so please do fill out your pledge manager in the coming week.

In other news we have another couple of crowd renders to share

We also made some adjustments to the guy below to help him cast better (filling out his food tray) and sorted out his feet. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't spot them being a little weird in the previous image. Luckily one of our in house experts in orc biology noticed it before it was too late!

Back next Friday :)

Card Update
2 months ago – Fri, Mar 15, 2024 at 12:42:36 AM

This week we wanted to show you the updated card layout. Neil has cleaned them up and with just a few small changes we think they look much better. Below is an example of the cards we were using during playtesting.

Here is the new and improved style.

A few design elements have been repeated and some dropped altogether.

We've got a few model pictures to update as Mark finishes painting the final few miniatures. It won't be long until we send these off to be printed :)

We're at 87% completed pledge managers now.

Back next week.